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Dextro Energy Triathlon, London Aug 7th

Hi all,

I'm lucky enough to have received a place in this years Dextro Energy Triathlon, London Aug 7th. I will be doing the Olympic Distance - Buckingham Palace Course.

I've been looking all over the web site for a suggestion of start times and have found nothing. I'm trying to work out whether I need to stay in London the night before. I live in Gloucestershire, so it is a bit of a drive, but if I don't start until after lunch this could easily be achieved.

Has anyone done this event in past and could suggest a ball park time of when these waves start? Or are they all day long and thus it's impossible to say?



  • Hi,
    I'm doing the same race and was wondering the same thing. The last email I got from the organisers gave the following time-frame:

    07:00 - 09:20 Start of Age Group Olympic Distance Races (Buck. Palace Course)

    So, another early Sunday start then! Good times!
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Thanks very much, at least I know I have to stay the night before...
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