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I have completed a few sprint tris and the time has come to buy a new bike! I have been using a kona fire mountain deluxe downhill bike and want something more suited to a tri. I am looking at spending £600 to £900. I have been recommended either a specialized secteur triple or specialized crux. In the enter I would like to have a go at a couple of cycle cross events and was wondering whether I would be best with a cyclocross machine for both tri and cross or whether I should get a road specific bike and use my kona for cross. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  • focusmattyfocusmatty Posts: 4
    I'm in a similar situation to you. Last year I invested in a Focus Cayo 105 having read some good reviews. The Focus Cayo is fast, and has no problems adapting to a TT bike with a good set of aero bars. I am regularly outperforming more expensive TT bikes.

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