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What To Drink!

Hi....hey, my posts keep it interesting if nothing else!

I learn lots from asking questions.....[:D]

Anyway, i asked last week about Gels and likes, and got some great advice, thanks! [:D]

This weeks is what to drink as i'm cycling or running? I'm going to give the gels / powder a go but wondered what was best as these things say half hour before and once you've finished!

I usually drink water, and that seems to do the job?!

Can't help but ask.... [:D]


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    For me it's just water too. I just go for the Gatorade for the taste but never noticed a difference afterwards. Xango has helped reduced the swelling in my knee that got surgery but that's is a nightly dose, not a post exercise ritual.
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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    water for me, with about one third orange juice and a pinch of salt - I can't satnd those energy gels etc etc
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