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Wetsuits...again probably

Probably been asked before but can't seem to find it.. :roll:

As a newb, who's a pants swimmer (feet seem to sink, but the lessons are helping) do I

a) buy an entry level wetsuit and see how i get on (b70 sprint, orca S3)

b) spend a bit more get a mid range one with more buoyancy to help (Orca Sonar / 2xu t:2 /QR hydrofull)

c) spend on a really good one as I'll definately feel the benifit get hooked..(Orca 3.8 / ?)

Any suggestions on nice buoyant wetsuits would be appreciated (sinking and drowning is a worry )
if it helps I'm a 5'10 male with a 41" chest 185lb heading down towards 178lb sometime soon with all this exercise goin on...)



  • ScoutyScouty Posts: 8
    As a fellow newb, I understand where you're coming from completely! I started out as a very weak swimmer a couple of months ago and had the exact same worries before buying my wetsuit.

    First off, let me re-assure you that you will get much better at swimming with practise! My legs tended to drag too at first, but are much better now (still not perfect though!). My core was quite weak, but a good few sessions in the gym soon helped, as did many hours in the pool.

    As for wetsuits, I went with the 2XU T:2. Not for any reason other than it was a very good fit when I tried it on in the shop! It does give a good amount of buoyancy and would probably be exactly what you are looking for in terms of keeping your legs afloat!

    Best of luck!
  • As a newbie have just bought a Qrca Equipe hopefully hit the OW next weekend.

    The one standout bit of advice I was given was 'fit is king' make sure you try on as many suits as possible, for me there was significant difference between the ones I tried on.

    Go to a specialist and get correct advice. They can advise on the best suit to match you swimming level and body position.
  • deeferdeefer Posts: 4
    Got the chance of TYR Hurricane C5 at half price and couldn't resist
    Put a f'in finger nick in it trying it on when it arrived doh....Black Witch on it before it's wet...
    Hopefully try it out tomorrow
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