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IMUK 2011???

How is everyones prep going for IMUK??? thought that they'd be loads of post flying around, there was last year??
Not long now!
I'm volunteering this year, body marking and finish line catching..come and say hello!

Hope everyone is starting to peak nicely

Keep up the hard work!


  • Hi Gaz

    I'm doing it for the first time this year. Really looking forward to it and hopefully done enough training wise.
    I have written a blog and post each Sunday if you're interested http://ironmanandy.wordpress.com/ is the link and want to kill some time at work haha.
    I will look out for you (kind of as don't know what you look like) have you done it before?


  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Yeah my training is going to plan and on schedule, I'm really looking forward to it also.
    Feeling confident - which I wouldn't have said 6 months ago

    I'm hoping for a calm, warm, slightly overcast day - will probably be the complete opposite & will be the longest day ever !

    I'll look out for you mate, good luck to all competing and thanking the marshalls / volunteer's in advance for your help.

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