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I'm new to Tri's, however I've set my aspirations to do a 111 (1k swim, 100k bike, 10k run) before I'm 30 (I'm currently 27).

Im currently attempting my first tri on the 25th and it is novice distance, but in August the local club is running a sprint distance. Both of these will probably be done on my current road bike (which is singlespeed).

For long distances and courses that are not as flat, I will need a geared bike. However I'm debating whether it is worthwhile to get a Tri specific bike or a conventional road bike, which I can shove tribar's on if I need/want to.

The geared bike would primarily be used for events, but will be for the odd training session and nothing more.



  • pippip Posts: 170
    Hello mate and welcome to the wonderful world of triatlon.Regarding your bike,it all depends on whether you're going to use it for other cycling events or just tri's,if it's just tri then a tri specific bike would be the order of the day,oh and it has to be carbon fibre too,thats the law.But if you're going to use it for tri's and cycling events then i'd get a standard roadie and slap a pair of tri bars on ,which is what i do because i do a few sportives.Good luck with your first one mate, you will be hooked
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