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Lake Windermere 10.5 mile swim

hi just wonder what's best to wear to swim lake Windermere 10.5 miles in August 

I've looked at sleeveless wetsuits and skin suits but can't decide , 

i know it has to b sleeveless , 

wetsuit gives buoyancy and keeps me flat 


what's ur thoughts and recommondacions please 



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    not sure what temp lake windermere will be in august, probably 13-15c. not cold cold, but certainly chilly enough! 

    is there any reason why it has to be sleeveless? i've done 14km in a full suit, in august, and it wasn't the sleeves making my arms tired at the end... 

    it's probably a choice you have to make based on your tolerance to the cold and what you are comfortable in. without acclimatised training i don't think i could do it, but you'll be different.  i'd take all the benefits i could get if it was me and take a wetsuit. 

  • Hi ris 

    thanks for replying , 

    i only thought sleevless to help my shoulder from the resisantce 

    ive done 10k swim before and just felt a bit cramped and restricted I guess 

    my thinking with sleeveless was all the benifits of a wet suit with the extra resistance 

    of sleeves 

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