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Winter blues/lack of motivation

Just wondering if anyone else out there is struggling to get their a*ses in gear this winter? Had no problems last year but the thought of getting on the turbo fills me with dread this year. Any tips for motivating myself are warmly welcomed. Happy new year all!


  • Bike this time of year is a toughy. Turbo really takes commitment and whilst bike in the rain can be achieved, rain plus wind is just not happening.

    Running and pool swimming for me at the moment. In the meantime I watch the weather reports closely and have the bike at the ready for a quick two hour blast!

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i'm not really feeling the love for any of it to be honest. cycle commute means i can't get out of a few hours on the bike each week and i'm too stupid to stop going to the pool. 

  • I sat on the turbo for hours last winter and I hated it. I was sick of the sight of that garage door. Then I put a film on which meant I just watched a film and never bothered concentrating on what I was doing on the bike.

    I don't know how you get your time in on the turbo but I found that just grinding away without variation was what was causing the problem.

    I changed it up at the start of November this year. Instead of an hour I reduced my time to 40 minutes and wrote down three things the night before; 1) The breakdown of the session I was about to do, 2) What my goal was from it and 3) How it would make me better. Shorter sessions broken up into intervals and recovery sections made a big difference. Even incorporating sitting and standing sections made me feel like I was getting more from it.

  • Based in the Alps so turbo / running machine the only way I can get any training other the skiing! Case of keeping it ticking over before the roads are clear late March early April. It is tough but only on week 1 after a few weeks break. Trying to do at least 1 session on either turbo or running machine every day...so far so good!

  • PhoebsPhoebs Posts: 1

    I was finding hard too so I booked myself a week training in Mallorca this March (Mallorca Experience Tri Camp - looks awesome) as a goal, closer than the season to motivate me to get my fitness back on track. 

  • I  did the only thing I knew that works for me....  entered an event. Seeing How I'd let myself go over the winter and put on over a stone  I entered the next Sprint I could find, the West Lancs in April....

    Then I thought That wasn't enough of a Challenge, 


    So I entered an Southport Olympic distance which is 42 days after the sprint....


     Then I thought That wasn't enough of a Challenge, 


    So on payday I'm entering for the Ultimate Half which is 42 days after the Olympic.....


    As of now I have 172 days to prep for my first 70.3 - if that doesn't scare me off my ar*e and away from the TV I don't know what will. 

  • Have you looked into group sessions? Some tri clubs do group turbo sessions throughout winter which can help with motivation – or you could always set one up yourself with local triathletes (if your garage is big enough!).

    They're a bit cheesy sometimes, but there are always spin/RPM classes at the gym too.

    Alternatively, how about a mountain bike for winter?

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