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I work freelance and sometimes this means that I have to work away from home for weeks at a time, only being at home for the weekend. Given that can anyone recommend a way to maintain training intensity and quality please? - I currently do a couple of fasted runs around 3-3.5k which indicate that pace is there but not (yet) endurance and I'm trying to squeeze in a swim session too; I'm also introducing some core exercises (planks, various stretches) and at the weekend I intend to cycle if the weather allows. I have six sprint triathlons in mind for the season and want to be competitive in all of them; first is Haywards Heath in May.

Thanks in advance.


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Well, working to plan always helps to maintain a balance in your training rather than just doing junk miles or the odd session when you can.  Having a plan people tend to make their time work for them.  Planning also means that you are doing smarter workouts rather than just having the odd plod.

    Are you able to take your bike with you?

  • Unfortunately not, and even if I could it wouldn't be any use because of the dark and early nights - I'm getting up at 6.15 to do my run/core training and getting back around 8 and it's dark at both times.

    My one real worry is that my run form will drop off if I can't consistently do 5k and over, however it is always a question of time available; swimming I can live with at its current level and perhaps swap out for an extra run during the week or reduce my coached sessions and go longer and harder on the bike on the weekend?

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Don't do the weekend longer / harder bike sessions just yet.  Too early to do that.  It might be a case of taking your bike and turbo - doing a session indoors is better than not doing one at all.  Plus you can be more specific and get that all important power dialled in for the sprint races.

    Running - half an hour sessions - again be specific whether it's  a hill session or 8 x 50m all out sprints, fartlek etc.  You don't have to be hitting 5k on every run you do right now at this point.

    When you talk about coaching is that of the swim only or do you have a coach for triathlon?

  • Unfortunately taking the bike with me isn't an option as I go up on the train otherwise I'd consider the option; my coach is for swimming only although I'm considering winding it down a bit as she's not tri-specific so (also) I'm self-training from what I've read and so on.

    Essentially my concern is based on the pressure on time - by way of example I'll get up at 6.15 and be out running by half past with enough time for a 5k at my most recent average pace; weekends are currently my only time to get some bike work in whereas swimming I can squeeze in while I'm away if I tweak my evening plans.

  • How about supplimenting (sp) the time you have to run and swim with HIIT and/or resistance training? It wont help you with base miles which is what you should be focusing on but as you're time poor the variation should help with core strength.

    As you're training for sprints you might want to look into plyometric training also. Do you have access to a gym?

  • I work away a lot. I'm in the military, so in the week i can do any training, the weekend only running. So my plan roughly bares down as lots of cycling and swimming in the week with less running, a run on a Saturday, and Sunday as my rest day.

    Do you have this sort of schedule too where you could work around like that?

    I also spend a lot of time away, so no bike, and not always swimming available. I use a gym bike if i can, but focus on the run for the few weeks i am away, and compromise on this by focussing more on swimming and cycling in the weeks prior and after.

    Just all about planning to make the best of your time.

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