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Bibs or Tri-Suit

Hi everyone, 

I'm doing my first HIM this year, I can't decide whether to race in a one-piece triathlon suit or a bib under my wetsuit for the swim and then put on a cycling jersey at T1 and then a running jersey at T2? I understand it may be quicker to race in a tri suit but is it more comfortable? 



  • I personally think bibs are more comfortable then a tri suit, but I have heard other people say the opposite, it is all personal preference.

  • Hi guys,

    I am doing my first sprint. Could I ask the same question?

    What would you guys recommend?

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Tri suit, tri suit, tri suit, tri suit, tri suit tri suit... every single minute of every race of every year... bibs might be marginally more comfortable on the bike - but I have had no problems with the chamois in my 2xu suit or tri shorts, so not convinced - but riding/running with a think heavy, slow drying pad and slow drying bibs is going to be less comfortable, likely to cause more chafing, rashes, saddle sores etc and seriously, running with bibs over your shoulders - no thanks...

    Besides - tri suit is quicker in transition.

    As a compromise, and if you aren't convinced about a tri suit from a financial perspective, a good intro is a decent pair of tri shorts (these can then double up as bike shorts, run shorts or swim shorts if you give up tri) and a tri top or cycling jersey as desired.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Wouldn't think of anything but a tri suit. More than comfortable enough on the bike & the seat pad is thin enough not to be noticed on the run. You may get a little bit more comfort on the bike with bib shorts or cycle shorts but for a sprint or standard distance event you don't need that extra and probably wouldn't even notice it.

    Tri suits are designed to be worn under wetsuits so that they don't restrict movement when held in place against the skin. They dry really quickly so you won't still be wet from the swim after a few minutes on the bike. No time wasted changing in transition and watch out for the 'no nakedness' rule at events.

    To be honest I've never seen anyone at a sprint or standard tri compete in bib shorts.
  • Cool, thanks guys.

    What do you reco on tri suits? Ive been looking at a tri suit

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I have a 2xu - its got compression so it is a bit more expensive - I think if you look at gear 220 did a review a couple of months ago which has a broad price x-section so worth looking at.

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