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FOR SALE Blueseventy 2014 Sprint Wetsuit - Womens

An entry level Blueseventy wetsuit as good as new. 
Used only 4/5 times in 2015 season. 

Womens size WMS (Medium Small). 

Blueseventy sizing chart recommends; 
5'0" - 5'5", 117-132lbs / 152 -165cm, 53 - 60 kg. 

Description taken from www.blueseventy.co.uk 

This suit is a perfect match for those who are just starting out. The Sprint has been manufactured to represent all that is needed in a wetsuit for a swimmer??s initial foray into the open water. We all know the first time in the open water can be daunting, we also understand new competitors may be wanting to sacrifice comfort and flexibility for a multi-use suit. We believe for the first time they need a suit focused on open water swimming and nothing else. The Sprint gives swimmers the initial condence and buoyancy they need. No other suit in this price delivers true open water swimming and design without any sacrifices to quality.

Key Features

Buoyancy: Central buoyancy panel for improved body position

Flexibility: Large oversize high stretch underarm gussets provide freedom of movement in the swim stroke

Comfort: We're globally renown for our wetsuit fit, and years of experience has gone into making the sprint comfortable, so you can concentrate on swimming and not what your wearing

Anatomical Leg Cut: Shaped lower leg allows quicker exit from suit

Lowered Collar: A curved closure flap reduced rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chaffing

Textured Forearms: The mesh skin forearms improve grip and feel for the water


Will consider sensible offers. 

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