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Hi all. Firstly I love your magazine, and devour it cover to cover when it lands on the mat. My only concern is that I'm 25, and doing lots of Olympic distance races but there seems to be increasing pressure to do an Ironman. The magazine is filling up with stories of previously overweight people whose first tri was an Ironman, and I can't help but feel that it's being made too mainstream.

Should normal mortals really be encouraged to do such a long event, or is it better for the majority of people to stick to Olympic distance or 70.3?

Thoughts please! 



  • In a word yes!

    There's no reason why you cant do couch to IronMan if you have the right advice and training plan.

    The problem I think you're highlighting is a lot of people think they can just smash out a 5k or 10k without any thought to form, recovery, nutrition, intensity etc...You see it in the gym with dudes (genrally) lifting way above what they can cope with. Next thing you know, you're injured.

    The articles I've read in 220 seem to present a balanced, considered view so I've no problem with it.

  • gb901gb901 Posts: 148

    Avoid IM events at all cost - if you want to pursue a70.3 do an outlaw

  • Iron distance events are a different challenge.... (i'll call them that so as to placate Mr Angry above, honestly there is nothing wrong with IronMan, he's just a bit, well, angry...)

    I've not done an Olympic Distance yet but having done a few sprints decided that I like the idea of longer events... i've just done a 70.3 and loved it. I had planned to do a full next year but have decided to reign that back in and stick with Olympic and Middle distance for now.... 

    There is a challenge in whatever you do, go with what suits you, what appeals to you, what you can afford... don't ever sign up to something because of peer pressure! I have several friends who have no interest at all in going longer than Olympic distance. There is plenty of scope for pushing yourself in those disciplines - ETU and ITU qualification is a challenging goal in its own right - without having to double your distances!

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