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First Tri, what to wear

Hi Guys, totally novice question.
I am doing my first triathlon in September (Taton tri).
I'll be wearing a hired wetsuit for the swim and will be wearing swimming jammers underneath.
Are the jammers ok to wear for the bike and run with the addition of a cycling top?


  • Hey Zipster,

    If you can I would get a tri suit, it is your preference as to a 2 piece or 1 piece suit. What distance you doing at Tatton Park? You can of course wear your jammers if you want but not sure about the comfort zone as there is no padding for when you are on the bike.
  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205
    I think the answer is try out your jammers in training along with the top you intend to wear as you have plenty of time to sort something out. If you are comfortable then go with it and see what you think about clothing after completing your first event. The most important thing is to have a good experience. The reality is that there will be many first timmers who will not be wearing 'proper' tri gear and may feel self concious doing so, there will also be many other first timmers who decide that they will feel better about themselves by looking the part and will get themselves a tri-suit or top and pants. Both points of view are correct for the people concerned. What you do not want to do is be uncomfortable to the point that it becomes a distraction around the course taking a little away from what otherwise will be a brilliant day hence try it out first in training.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    jammers and bike top will be fine... but... 2 things...

    firstly - try putting a cycle top onto a wet torso, particularly a half-zip one. seriously - hop out of the shower and have a go. if you have a full zip then you will probably be ok, but a half-zip might mean a lot of faffing about (and giving everyone a good laugh as you fight your way into your top).

    secondly - jammers don't give you a lot of protection on the bike, and 40km can be a long way without padding if you aren't used to it. if you are then you will be fine, but if you aren't then you'll be wishing for the run to start to get the pain from the saddle to go away.

    plenty of time to practice both of those, though

    fwiw, i did my first tri with a pair of cheap tri-shorts for the swim, put a full-zip bike jersey and running shorts on in t1 and did the bike and run in those.
  • zipsterzipster Posts: 5
    Jammers sound like they might be uncomfortable, l'm doing the sprint distance but don't want to be in pain!
    I am going to see if l can get some cheap tri shorts.
  • wburnishwburnish Posts: 41
    Hi Zipster
    I would suggested getting a suit. you can get a cheapeon for about £40 from startfitness. and they do tri shours for about £15 from what i can remebr an that is what I am using The brand is more mile.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    zipster wrote:
    Jammers sound like they might be uncomfortable, l'm doing the sprint distance but don't want to be in pain!
    I am going to see if l can get some cheap tri shorts.
    for a sprint you might be ok - depends on how fast you are as to how long you will be uncomfortable! maybe it will encourage you to go super-fast if your budget is very tight then you might be surprised where you can get tri gear from - my brother picked up some in tk maxx last year for not very much.
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