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Ironman UK in July AND the World Championships 70.3?

Hi everyone, fellow triathletes,

I have a place in Ironman UK on July 17th this year. I do also have a spot in the World Championships in Australia 4th Sept. This is exactly 7 weeks after the Full UK Ironman.

Has anyone else been in this scenario or similar? I'm really struggling to know whether to train for the Ironman and use the base fitness from that at the Worlds 70.3. Or do I just transfer my Ironman to another time AFTER the Worlds and concentrate on the 70.3 distance? 


Any help or opinions are welcome...





  • I stupidly did the Outlaw and Ironman wales in 2015. So two full distance events in 8 weeks.

    I really regret it, while I did a decent time in the outlaw, Wales was pointless.

    I wasn't able to get back into training for a few weeks and then when it came to training I just wasn't able to get back to the same intensity as before the Outlaw.

    Wales ended up being pointless, granted it's a hard course but I just didn't have the energy.

    Basically it was too much for me an I regret trying to do both in such a short time.

    Personally I would suggest that you focus on the race that is most important to you, which is probably the 70.3.

    If you do the Ironman before then you will probably end up regretting it.

    Good luck though at the Worlds, you must be pretty decent

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    How longs a piece of string??

    You need to think about how well you recover from racing, some people can be back up and at it after a few days, others take a week or two and others get completely smashed for far longer.

    Also, how hard are you planning on going at IM UK? If you are PB hunting and planning to wreck yourself there its very different than if you are looking at it from a more relaxed standpoint (again going in to how you recover).

    Don't forget for Aus you are going to have to travel, which will add stress and there will be more prep to worry about (as well as heat acclimatisation potentially too)... but then you'll have some time of work immediately pre-race which is likely to help with a good taper... its a pretty big shout and there are a lot of very individual factors... I guess its a question of whether you want to travel half way round the world for your A-race and risk having burnt yourself out 7 weeks earlier for a rainy race in Bolton?

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