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cold and flu

Hi, I keep getting a cold upon cold upon cold followed by mouth ulcers. Can anybody recommend a company that I can post bloods to to see if I'm laking in something and food intolerance?


  • I'm just getting through a throat infection and flu and some other stuff, best hing I can recommend is fresh orange juice, plenty of Vit.C and the acidity can help get rid of clingy nasties in your mouth from what I've been told. 


  • Cheers Rob.
  • Every morning I have a hot water with half a squeezed lemon and a thumb of grated ginger. Seems to work for mouth hygiene and colds.

    I'd also consider speaking to your GP?

  • I would second the Lemon and water every morning. I don't have the ginger I might try that, but the lemon is really refreshing. It will give you a good boost of vitamin c every day.

  • As all have stated above, getting a good dose of vitamin C in the morning either through lemon water or orange juice will help out greatly.  The Ginger is also good to detoxify the body. 

  • Thanks guys for your help!
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