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1st Tri!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Firstly, i'm brand brand new to not only this forum, but the TRI seen as well!

I'm a MTB, through and through and will comete in May in the Ruthin leg of the Merida MTB challenge!

I have also entered into the Tatton Park Triathlon, Sprint event on the 8th June!

Busy few months ahead!

What i'm looking for is help, mentally and physically! No seriosuly, any pointers!

Obviously i can cycle, and have jyst purchased my first ever road bike which i will be taken to next week when it arrives!

I have my own personnal Gym in Work, decked with TechnoGym Kit. This isn't a brag, more a 'building a pic'!

I have a swimming coach, and i get in the pool for an hr or so, twice a week! I'm currently on my 2nd week of water, and slwoly, but surely, taking on less and less water!!

I Cardio on a Monday Wednesday which consists of 5k row,3k(at the mo) run (new to running as well) and then a 4k bike ride (machine) I then swim on these nights!

On tuesday thursday i do an hr of weights!

Sat and Sund i cycle,outside, usually anywhere between 1 and 3hrs!

I guess i'm asking if i do enough or not enough! I'm very excited about the event's, even looking at a London to paris bike ride in Sept for a local chartiy!

My swimming is getting better, and yet by far my worse event!!

Running is getting there, and will be soon at 5k in around 30mins!

Considering i've only been at this whole excercise lark since around OCT last year, and have dropped around 2 stone, i feel i'm 'making progres' and so would be looking for any words form people who have and are doing it to!

Thanks One And All!



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    Hi, i'm also new to tri too. i would say you are doing easy enough training, almost everyday by the sounds of it. i sometimes only manage 3 sessions per week and could never run but now i am running 5k in 30 mins. i started training in january this year and it all seems to be coming together now. i would say try doing a few timed 20 k bike and 5 k runs and see how you feel afterwards, this will give you an idea of fitness. also if you are swimming in a 25 meter pool, time yourself doing 16 laps, as this is the 400 meter distance you will be doing in sprint events. by the sounds of it your fitness should be very good. good luck!
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    timftimf Posts: 15

    I only started my tri training in January so far from an expert, but it sounds like you are doing a decent amount of work for now, but I would highly recommend getting outside for your running and biking as often as possible. Cardio in the gym is good, but can't beat actually getting out in the fresh air.

    Having a swim coach is a very good idea too as technique is everything here, if you can swim fast without having to swim hard you'll be in a much better place for the rest of the race.
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    epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Hi...thanks all for your input! Muchly appreciated!

    Glad to know i'm not alone, kinda feels like that at times, specially when you get comments like 'your doing WHAT' and 'YOU doing a Tri'! Overall though, support has been good!

    Did 20 legths Friday in 17 mins, so wasn't bad! Plus, i have man flu this week,and so was right off colour!

    Had a bad day in water yesterday! Althought made the mistake of taking my 8 yr old in and she kinda side tracked me!

    Was up Llandegla on Sat, pouring with rain, but great fun and managed to get out yestaerday afternoon in the wonderful sunshine to! Really makes a differance, the sunshine that is!

    timf, your absolutly right, need to get out running for real, which i havn't done allot of yet, but starting this week!

    The coach is brilliant! We did flaot work on Friday,hugely boring, and yet hugely effective!!

    I'm getting my wet suit fitted this week, and will hopefully pick up my road bike weekend to!!

    thanks again one and all!

    and thanks conehead, i'll look into that book! [:)]

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    timftimf Posts: 15
    Beware Conehead's advice - he's just trying to pump up sales![:D]

    I haven't read it yet, but it's on the list and does come highly recommended (I'm just quite scared that it'll all be a bit too close to the bone!!)
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    epacseepacse Posts: 92
    [:)] any help will be muchly appreciated!

    Well, went out on the road last night, OMG, what on earth happened! Did 5k, and thought i was going to pack up and meet my maker!!

    Did it, not a great time me thinks, about 26 mins, but first time actually on the road was a massive shock, and i did it without stoppomg!

    The pool is still frustrating me, and after reading some posts on here about swimming, i think i may be hugely embarrased about my times!!

    Good job i'm doing this as a 'thing to do before i die' rather than to win!!

    Thanks again for the advise!


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