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International Ironman Advice?

Hi All,


I'm a newbie when it comes to Ironman and Triathlon, however I have signed up to my first Ironman (UK) for this July. Over recent weeks I have been reading Martyn Brunts' Accidental Ironman which I enjoyed and it has given me the urge to book an Ironman for 2017 before seeing how I get on at the UK one. The one I am looking at booking is New Zealand and for a number of reasons which include - It's a beautiful country, it's a fast course (from what I've read) and I have family who live not far away from Taupo.

Does anyone have any advice regarding racing overseas? Also any advice with regards to travelling with a bike? (if I book through Skyscanner and I use 2 airlines as part of the change over flights do I pay separately for the Bike carriage?)

The same questions are based around any international travel for races as if I enjoy July then I will be looking to book a 3rd for later in the year 2017.

Thanks for any help  


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    It's a great experience racing triathlon abroad but can be a nightmare sorting out bike transport mainly because airlines have there own rules for bike transport which differ with each airline.

    What looks like a good flight price can soon be bumped up with extra for bike transport so I always check out that airlines bike policy.

    I took my bike to Auckland NZ for the 2012 tri world champs . I travelled with my wife and we used emirates airlines , the baggage allowance was something like 30k per person and provided my bike luggage and our bags came within that 60k allowance my bike went free,after all my race kit and bike was packed it meant my wife had to take minimal clothing but we managed it.

    The same applied when we travelled to Beijing we travelled with Emirates and managed to get my bike and our luggage within allowance so that bike went free . My club mate travelled to Beijing with air France for same race and got charged 200 Euros or dollars each way to take his bike so it's well worth checking out details before you book.

    Good luck on your Ironman journey.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Alan - not to put you off and its very good that you are thinking about the practicalities as you hear lots of people not thinking about these things at all. As a word of warning apparently/according to the rumour mill and the Cup of Tri podcast (which as an aside is well worth listening to), Joe Skipper got ripped off £2000 getting his bikes to Queenstown for Challenge Wanaka with Emirates and one of them got trashed.

    Depending on how often you intend to travel, you may either want to buy or hire a bike bag of box. A box is a bit heavier and a bit more expensive but they are also pretty much bullet proof so, if you value your bike its possibly worth the extra expense.

  • Thanks, from what i've seen it is cheaper for me to go via Dubai to Auckland or possible Dubai, Melbourne then Auckland, price is checked through Skyscanner for this year as an estimate as they flights aren't released yet, I have also checked all airlines who do the route for their sports equipment charges. 

    I had read the information from Joe Skipper so I am aware of the poor service Emirates offer with regards to carrying a bike. 

    I have found that Quantas seem to be the cheapest for excess baggage and sports equipment as you can pre book the excess requirements prior to the airport.

    Unfortunately when I go I will be going alone so wouldn't be able to merge the weight of mine and a companion to have a free entitlement. 

     And regarding a bike box, I am looking to hire a bike box alan for a trip I have in April and then purchase one.

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