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Wetsuit for Newbie

Hi All

i wondered if anyone could give me any tips on first wet suit purchase, i completed my first 3 pool based tri's last year but have two open water tri's this year 1 of which is half iron distance, i am also very large shouldered and chested (ex power lifter) does any one have any advice on what to purchase? 

Many Thanks in advance



  • See if any events near you have a 'swim clinic'  event the day before. I went to one before the Southport Tri last year (I wasn't eventered for the Tri either). Sometimes manufacturers will bring along samplesuits for you to try out.  

    Being broad shouldered  myself, keep an eye out for gapping at back of the neck when you're rotating your arms, the suit I used last year gapped  badly and I took on a hell of a lot of water into the suit!


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Whatever fits best - which is unhelpful. Depending on where you are based, I am sure people can recommend shops where you can try on wetsuits and even test out in a pool.

    As a Londoner I would recommend Ocean Leisure in Charing Cross or (and I reckon 220 should give me a royalty for this) there is the upcoming 220 Triathlon show at the Olympic Velodrome where you will be able to try before you buy.

    As you have done a few tri's and appear to be keen (and likely to continue) I would have a think about what you might want to spend, if you are an ex power lifter I guess you have quite chunky "sinky" legs, in which case something like the Huub 3:5 suits might really help your swim.

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