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1st Ironman Swim Done

pippip Posts: 170
The Outlaw looms large,only another 6 weeks and managed my 1st iron swim yesterday in 1hour 31mins so i'm quite pleased with that.If i do that on the day i'll be more than happy.It was in the pool though so possibly add a few extra mins.Got some bifg training rides coming up including the Etape on 11th july.Gives me 2 weeks to recover,no probs.I hope


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Getting that distance in is a big psychological boost,well done must arrange a meet at the Outlaw
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Yeah i just needed to know i could do it.Going tyo give it a go in open water this week because i feel the swim is my weakest discipline so need as much of a confidence boost as poss.
    Yeah defo meet up at Outlaw.When i get my number through i'll pm you Zac
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Cool. Definitely get the distance in OW beforehand and it will give you such a big boost, just did mine last night about the same time. Holme Pierrpont is good for a swim as it is artificial so no currents from feeding rivers, simple route straight up for 1800m, turn right 200m, turn right for 1800m. The only prob last year was weeds kicked up by the faster swimmers and hopefully OSB will be cracking the whip with HP on that score.

    There are 'desuiters' to help with the wetsuit, desuiting takes place outside the marque to keep the interior dry.

    If OSB do the same as last year you will get three bags; swim/bike, bike/run and dry bag for your end of event change etc. Good idea to have drinks/bars/gels/sunscreen etc in both as well as discipline specific stuff. Bit of a crush and tangle on the hooks and an obvious one make sure Dry bag, first then Bike/Run then Swim/Bike, then when Swim/Bike change completed take just a second to take off the Bike/Run bag, put the Swim/Bike bag on the hook then put Bike/Run bag on top. I did see one chap in a right fluster with the bags. I understand that OSB are going to have a bigger Transition and more space on the racks.
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