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Meeting Carb Needs

Hello I am exclusively a cyclist but I am very interested in triathlon and felt this would be the best place to ask. My daily carbohydrate requirements are 550-600g and occasionally exceed 600. Often my only option to meet these requirements is to eat 400g cooked white rice at lunch and dinner with some fairly complex snacks(trying to avoid overconsumption of fibre/fructose) in between. I have been advised to follow a low FODMAP diet as closely as possible and miss eating brown rice/quinoa and having nutribullet smoothies. 

Could anyone help me out and tell me how they keep on top of their carbohydrate needs if in excess of 500g/day? 

Do you employ the use of over the counter energy drinks or drink smoothies or perhaps do some other thing I haven't even thought of? 

Any information would be a great help, 

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