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i am 47, have been triathloning for 3 years, peaking at 3hrs 10minutes in the Dambuster Olympic distance 2014. However I have cycled for over 10 years, mainly MTB until 2010. My road biking was good, I joined a club and I feel I was one of the stronger ones of triathlon group, now though I no longer cycle with them, my fitness has fallen, I struggle to keep up, for any length of time. Every cyclist overtakes me now.

I cycle on per week, up to 40 miles, hills and all, plus running (which has also droped off), two or three times a week, 5km to 10km including hills.

The main issue is the bike, the cyclists on the road today were still in bed when I was cycling back five years ago but now all and everyone flies by me? Is it my age? Nutrition? Or what?

please help as I am thinking of jacking it all in".....


  • Hi. Not sure if this is too late for you and youve jacked it all in already. Sorry if you have as ive only recently registered. Firstly, dont jack it in! everyones traing falls of at some point. The key thing is to take stock and realign you training goals. Even if that means having a week or two off. Training with a club is essential, firstly to keep your motivation but also to push you harder. You will always fight back better when a fellow triathlete overtake you, rather than relying on you own inner voice. Also, incorporate some muscular strength and conditioning trainng at a gym. Focus on the large muscle groups used in a triathlon and work them with a mix of high weight/low reps and medium weight/high reps to build strength and endurance. All the best and keep going.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Get a target race? Easier to train with a purpose so get a race entered.

    Get a written training plan? Can only keep to it if it exists. Doesn't have to be complex. Without more detail on your bike intensity hard to know whether you are under or overcooking it. 'Every cyclist overtakes me now' - so what! train for you & nobody else

    Get rid of the defeatist self-pity? Its only a game. It's mostly but not always fun.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Have you read Joe Friel's book aimed at ways to be fast as less youthful athlete? (not trying to be funny, you said age not me). As we get older we lose fast twitch muscle fibres which means less power and speed (even if the heart and lungs are still there) and therefore the way you train needs to be tweaked to address the new factors that might be limiting performance.

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