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Being new to using a heart rate monitor I am amazed to see that for the first 15-20 minutes of running my heart rate is between 170-180, perhaps peaking at 192.  After that, say over a half marathon distance, it goes down to an average of 132.  Is this sort of discrepency ok/normal?

My resting rate would be 44.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Have you checked your actual pulse when the monitor reads 180? You know, stop & count carotid or radial pulse for 10sec then multiply by 6. If the two tie together then it may be that you take a long time to warm up. From what you write there are no aches, pains, breathlessness, dizziness etc but if you are worried see your doctor.

    If the monitor and actual pulse are at considerable variance for the first 15-20min it could be that the strap need repositioning or a lot more moisture/wetting than you are giving it. I get a dodgy readings if it is too high so mine goes below the pecs and onto the ribcage. Also check for tightness. If it is too dry then the signal will be wrong and it could be that sweating sorts the problem but this usually takes time to initiate.
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