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Selling Hypoxico altitude sleeping tent and generator

I'm looking to sell the high altitude "Sleeping Package" from Hypoxico. This includes the "Deluxe Bed Tent," the Everest Summit II generator, an extra filter, and pulse oximeter (to measure oxygen saturation). The tent goes over your bed and works with a queen or king size bed. The generator pumps in "hypoxic" air that simulates living at high altitude. This set was purchased in 2014 and helped take me from a 2:27 to a 2:17 marathon where I qualified for the Olympic Trials. There's no doubt this helps with cycling and distance running performance. It can also be a great tool to acclimate yourself to high altitude prior to taking a skiing or hiking vacation. No matter what level you're at, this can be a great tool. It is just like what the pros use as a part of the "sleep high, train low" philosophy. I am getting away from serious training now and don't see myself using this as much in the future, which is why I'm looking to sell it. It is in 100% working condition and has been used 100-150 times by myself. As a point of reference, the full retail for this is $3,800. I am asking $1500 for a setup in excellent condition. 

Here's the website where you can see a picture of what the tent looks like set up:

The website has a lot of other great information as well. 

Let me know if you have questions!



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