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Knee sore/hurt, runners knee? Wise words needed!

Well I have less than three weeks left to the Bournemouth Tri and I am being laid low by a sore knee that has been hurting since last Friday after a moderate run. Am not sure if it was a result of a strain, a twist or training.

What can I do??

I have been able to cycle and swim daily, except for today when the knee pain felt as if it was worsening. I am not sure if that was imagination or not. Missing my daily swim has really depressed me now.

So far I have been resting and resting..., have used ice packs, have been taking ibuprofen. I just want my knee better so I can train/taper for the start of my season! Am starting to panic now

Any wise words at all please?


  • DuncDunc Posts: 2

    Without a heap more detail it's almost impossible to say what the problem is.

    Ice & rest are a good start but I'd suggest you get a proper diagnosis and get treatment as appropriate - try a sports physio, sports therapist or osteopath with a special interest in sports injuries. Whoever you see, make sure they have a keen interest in sports and sports injuries, otherwise they can be a bit too generalist.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi dunc,

    Good advice thank you, I will find a sports physio as you advise.

    Thank you
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I'm going to speak from experience here...

    The problem may well not be your knee - the problem could be coming from the hips, glutes, feet etc could be a biomechanical issue, or just a strain. DO NOT just go and see some random physio, spend a bit of time finding out about the physio as in most cases they just treat the symptoms without looking to find out the cause.

    I have a suspected torn miniscus and probable cyst in my left knee. I lost between 5-8months of fitness depending on how you look at it, before I got to the cause of the prob.

    Rest the knee up, no training for a few weeks - if it persists then get to the docs and be persistent with them. Also get booked into a sports therapy clininc for a proper assessment.
  • DuncDunc Posts: 2
    Yup, totally agree that it shouldn't be a 'random physio' - or random practitioner of any sort!

    I was a registered Osteopath for 10 years with a special interest in sports injuries - general practitioners (physio's, osteopaths etc etc) have general knowledge; speak to someone who understands your sport in depth.

    Agree it might well not be a local knee problem. Biomechanics are complex and where the symptom is felt may well not be the root of the problem!
  • To feedback..

    After giving my knee several days rest from running, I took myself out for a moderate run. Well so far so good, no pain during or after the run so far. During the run, needless to say, I was very tuned in waiting for any signs of pain or numbness none of which I am thankful to say manifested.

    So hopefully I am on the mend at this point. I think the injury may have been caused by twisting my foot downwards on some steps the day before the fateful run after which the problem started. That or possibly a severe misstep on that same run. Either way something seems to have been directly responsible for disturbing the sensitive mechanics of the knee joint.

    This has been a valuable learning experience so far, both in terms of dealing with an injury. And the advice from the forum invaluable I think I will begin the search for a suitable sports physio in advance of any significant problems developing.

    So hopefully I am coming out of the tunnel now! Will rest another day or two before attempting another moderate run.

    Thank you for all the advice.
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