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Best Oakley Sunglasses

Hi all! Looking to buy a pair of Oakley Sunglasses... lots to choose from on the below:


Does anyone know the difference between the Flak, Radar and M2?


  • BoothyBoothy Posts: 6

    I have the Flak. Very comfortable, almost like you aren't wearing any glasses at all. Steamed up a little bit on a tough climb the other day, but I moved them down my nose for a few seconds and they cleared quickly. I love them.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I have Flak - less wrap around than some of the others but never found this to be a problem. Lenses are easy to change (I run clear lenses when tints not applicable to keep dirt, pollen etc out of my eyes and have horrible hayfever eye blurriness) - can occasionally steam up if stopped and its cold/rainy - not a problem when racing mind!

  • consider Bolle, they are technically just as good, half the price and are a much better company to deal with

  • Equally, look at Smith Optics too... they have all the fancy things that Oakley do but are also substantially cheaper and you won't look the same as everyone else!

    That said from a Triathlon POV, Radar or M2 are the best bet for working between the disciplines - see what fits best.

  • Oakley is a big name when it comes to good sunglasses makers . I am a big fan of baseball and I am using Oakley men's Radar Ev Shield. 
    This is an excellent sunglasses from them that not only will shade your eyes nicely when playing baseball but will also help you look good while doing it.
    The lens color on these glasses is really cool and they are very solidly built too. They are non-polarized and feature 100% UV ray protection.

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