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Do i need a bike Garmin as well?

I am a Tri newbie so i've not had to work this out the hard way yet. I have my first Triathlons coming up this year (Sprint, Classic, HIM) - what do people do with their technology and tracking their efforts?

I have a Garmin Fenix 3 multisport watch which I either have on my arm or attach to the bike's bars for training.  In a race do you tend to track it all via your watch (attaching and detaching it to your bike) or do you also need a Garmin on the bike and then at T2 just leave it there, press "lap" on the watch and then carry on with that?

I'm worried i haven't got enough toys


  • BoothyBoothy Posts: 6

    I use a Garmin vivoactive on my arm throughout the race. But it's impossible to see on the bike so I need something else. I'm not wasting time taking it off and mounting it on the bike, so I have a simple cycle computer.

    I've not bothered with a garmin as I already have the GPS tracking for strava etc on the watch. I just have a Giant Neos (as it works with the Giant ride sense I have built into the frame) so I get current speed, distance travelled and cadence (and HR if I want it).

    It gives me all in the info I need while on the bike, without costing too much, but is still wireless

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    NO x 1000

    I do everything via my 920xt (but I run a quick release so its out front) before that I used a 305 on my wrist and just had a cheapy bike computer for speed and distance.

    If you only want something that's easy to see when riding and for current info, i.e. not logging the whole race, then another GPS device is a really expensive way of doing it. You're better of spending money on aero extensions which will actually make you faster (and probably cost less too)

    Also top tip - if you want to be able to read your data from your wrist it is a lot easier/actually do-able if you put it on the inside of your wrist, also easier to read in natural running action.

  • I agree with Andrew Morrison.

    Too many gadgets when normally you need just one, a multisport watch.

    As Andrew said, it would be enough if you just turn the watch a little bit. 

    Good luck btw

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Press lap in to & out of transition. Have the display on the inside of your wrist from the start (you can't see it on the swim anyway) but it will be visible on the tri-bars or drops for the bike. Leave it where it is for the run or twist it round if not too tight.
  • RCCRCC Posts: 3

    Thanks guys, that sounds like good advice. I will probably spend the money on some aerobars instead.
    So is there any real benefit to having mapping capabilities on a bike computer? How about for weekend long rides? I would think it's highly unlikely i ever find myself out in front in a race so i guess i just follow the others...

  • I have a garmin 500, and i do like the mapping facility where you can pre program a route in. However, you don't need this. Unless you really require it, i would say just get a cheap computer for speed and distance.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    You should be able to "map" onto your Fenix - you just don't get a map overlay and its useless.

    If you are going for long rides off into places you don't know and want something in front of your for directions etc then it is helpful (and tempting) but for racing zero need - it'll all be signposted and marshalled and unless you're Martyn Brunt you won't get lost.


  • ianw2462ianw2462 Posts: 11

    I use both , a watch (Garmin 910xt) and bike mounted Garmin 500 but you don't need both it is just down to personal preference.

    I just like to see my computer out in front of me and not have to keep twisting my wrist to see how I am doing

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