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Planet X Exocet 2 Rival or Planet X Stealth Force


Im looking to purchase either Planet X Exocet 2 Rival or Planet X Stealth Force, with its main use being Triathlon.

I'm torn between the two, whilst the Exocet is a newer frame, lighter and the better looking bike; the Stealth has better gearing and is less aggressive. (Maybe better for triathlons)

Does anyone ride either of these bikes?

Any recommendation would be great




  • I've got the Exocet 2, I read every review under the sun and checked my bank balance a million times before deciding on the Exocet 2. Is it the best bike out there, probably not but I love it!! I'm far from a seasoned rider and enjoy cake far too much but I love getting out on my Planet X. There are always doubters and haters especially when it comes to Planet X but I really have nothing but praise for this bike. Last month I cycled from Amsterdam to Frankfurt in three days completing over 310 miles and it did not put a foot wrong!! 

    It's smooth responsive and nice stiff frame which is not so great on the cobbled streets of the smaller towns but when you get onto a nice smooth road it absolutely flies along. Day two riding along the Rhine at 30mph I couldn't keepo the smile of my face and I knew I'd made the right choice!

    I can't speak for the stealth but I know I've had nothing but pleasure from my Exocet 2.

    I hope you get as much enjoyment from whatever bike you choose as I have!

    Happy Shopping!  

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