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Sea-Sic during open water training

I had the weirdest sensation  this morning during my open water (Lake) training at about 400 metres in I started to feel abit sea sick, I started to feel a bit 'wobbly' and had to stop near the bouy. at that point I felt like light headed and like my eyes were about to roll back and I was going to faint and/or throw up. But I managed to keep conscious and swim the 100-150 metres back to the shore in blocks of about 30-40metres.  

Water temp was alledgely 12deC

And I was doing gentle 25min/km pace. 

I've never had this before and frankly its weirded me out a bit - is this common? I do get light headed after long swims during transition, but not DURING the swim!

Any advice very welcome


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