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Wetsuits and clothing for a May UK triathlon

I have taken to triathlon's whilst living in Abu Dhabi over the last few years.  A great feature is that we have a guaranteed pleasant climate during our autumn-winter-spring to train and compete, usually in nothing more than a try suit.

I am competing in my first UK triathlon in Porthcawl in May (22nd, Olympic distance). Can anyone advise me how warm I need to wrap up, especially for the swim.  Do competitors usually wear extra swim caps, something on their feed?

I was planning on a shell top or similar over a tri suit for the bike and run - will this suffice in c16 degrees?


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    1. It'll be warmer than 16c

    2. The water in May is fresh but I don't think I have ever seen anyone in skulls caps and booties during racing at that time of year.

    3. I personally wouldn't bother with a shell top even in 16c

    All this is caveated with "after 6 months of commuting to and from work come rain and shine May temps feel like a tropical paradise" so your more temperate climates make have given you less cold desensitisation.

  • Thanks very much. It's the swim (feet) I was most worried about
  • credocredo Posts: 1

    As far as I know you would not be allowed to wear swim boots in any case as they are deemed to be a buoyancy aid

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