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Gauging the 10m rule for Drafting

I was wondering if anyone had any good techniques for gauging the gap to a rider in front? 

I know the draft zone distance has increased from 7 to 10 metres (and the subsequent time allowed to carry out an overtake)  but the last thing I want is to get a penalty for being in 'the zone' too long, especially as I'm doing some hilly triathlons where I might not be able to muster the required speed difference to make the overtake in the time allowed - I seem to catch people very slowly.... if at all especially on hilly or windy courses

Should I use an adaption of the 2 second rule you use when driving? where you see the person in front pas a stationary object and you count "one ellephant, two elephant" or resight "Only a fool would break the two second rule" to yourself and jusdge whether you have reach that same stationary point? 

or is there another method?



  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Honestly... and maybe I am cynical, but what I would say is that if you aren't taking the piss you probably won't get a penalty. (I had a guy draft me for 4 laps at Eton two years ago - he's there locked to my back wheel in every photo in the section into a headwind - and he didn't get a penalty so go figure).

    At the Triathlon England Middle Distance Champs last year I saw what can only be described as a chain gang come past me and there were no penalties in that race.

    In terms of passing you will a) find that 20s is quite a long time and b) if you are passing wide (1.5 from their middle wheel) you can stay out of the draft zone in any event and you will probably get the benefit of the doubt.

    Not helpful I know but I think if you are clearly making an effort you are would be unlucky to get pinged, particularly by a stationary marshall who is unlikely to be in a position to say you are in the draft window for more than 20 seconds.

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