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How much should goggles suck?


New to the forum (and almost new to triathlon). I've just upgraded my old, misty and scratched speedo goggles to a pair of Aqua Spheres which I've been assured will give me Phelps like ability in the water.

There's just one problem; I feel like they're sucking my eyeballs out of their sockets. Is this usual?



  • CompassCompass Posts: 5
    Tri newb myself, but I do swim quite a bit. No, your goggles shouldn't suck your eye balls out. If they do then they aren't sitting correctly.

    I use all kinds of different pairs for various enviroments, pool, lake, sea. One thing people forget is to look at the span or pitch between the eye pieces and how the fit across the bridge of your face, this can often be a sympton. Otherwise it could just be that the profile is not suited.

    I use Aquashpere Seals in the lake and Speedo Speedsockets for the pool, but based on my comments above they may or may not work for you, especially the speedos. However the Aquasphere's are a very comfy fit and a pefect seal, I can manage +3km without any misting or leakage.

    Fabulous goggles but it's all about fit.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    The thing with goggles is that you need to find a pair that fits your bonce.

    Not all goggles will fit as the shape of your head differs from other people. I generally find that my B70 goggs leak like a seive whereas the Aquasphere and the Zoggs don't.

    The goggles shouldn't be too tight, they should just be tight enough to stop water - but sucking the eye balls out - no. Sounds like they don't fit.

    Try slacking them off, if they leak then switch goggs to a pair that does fit. Unfort its going to trial and error.

    Zoggs seem to work best for me so I stick with them
  • Thanks very much for the advice.

    I tried them in the pool this morning (after loosening them) and still didn't feel quite right, must be my strangely shaped bonce. Looks like I'll try some other brands, this could get pricey!
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Some sort of swim goggle swap shop?
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