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After a response to one of my other posts it occured to me that if I am to do an full Ironman next year and to get the most out of my training, it may be a good idea to employ an online coach.

I've done a middle distance this year and although happy with my performance (To a certain extent!!) my training seems to have gone a bit "stale", this is through many things, quite a few races, work and exams, etc. I'm thinking that if I really want to make a good account of myself in the Ironman, (I don't mean an 8-9 hour finish, 12-13 would be great) then it would be a good idea to look into getting a coach.

I do have a swim coach with my club and he has improved my swimming no end, so I'm imagining that a coach is a good idea for me as it has worked, now don't get me wrong, I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket here and expecting some kind of miracle, but its mainly just to give me a bit of organisation, a bit more motivation and more importantly, structure and tailored training to suit me. I'm pretty busy at work and I am getting married next year (2 weeks after the Ironman I plan to do!!) so with all that it would be ideal to have someone to coach me through.

Can anyone offer any recomendations based on previous experience please?

I have looked at 2:

Tri Focus & Steve Lumley, which both look pretty good but any other ideas would be gretaly appreciated




  • Greetings again; I have just recovered from the nightmares that I have been having with the image of the Gay Cornish Pasty riding and running about the country. Ok, I have used for the past 2 years The Triathlon Coach dot Com (Simon Ward's lot). In fact the fellow sorting my programme lives in France but with a bit of email contact every now and again it seems to work. Not for everyone I'm sure as some would like/need actual real contact with their coach but as I'm completing rather than competing that's fine by me. Dave sends a programme every 4 weeks based on feedback from the block before and concocts a programme based on hours I've got available etc, and can provide progs for either 2 or 3 of the disciplines involved. Def do a long distance race and be not put off by the total & arrogant so and so's that would have you believe that this HAS to be an Ironman race (capital I) rather than a long distance race (which presumably is for pretenders?), look at Challenge series, Embrunman, loads in UK and goodness knows how many others. Good luck with middle distance in Sep - hope the wheels work! I'm off to Vichy in August for long distance race, but obviously cannot say the words iron or man in association with this race as will probably be disqualified.
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