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Ironman Bolton Vs Ironman Tenby?


I did ironman bolton last year but only made the bike cut off by 1 hour. I'm considering ironman tenby in July but worried I may miss the cut off since I hear the ride is WAY hillier than Bolton.

Any thoughts? Anyone done both and can give me their opinion on how much more difficult tenby is?




Rhian x




  • How far from Tenby are you?  It could be worth a trip down and have a ride of part of the course.  The first 30 miles are pretty easy, then you will do two 40 mile loops which are the hard part.  I'd recommend riding the 40 mile loop and see how you find it. 

    Wales doesn't normally sell out early so you could enter the bike part of the Long Course Weekend in July (which is the IM Wales course) and see how you get on.  If all goes well, sign up, if not, then perhaps get a back up option so your training doesn't go to waste.  

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