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Lifefitness static cycle: I recently cycled 112.5 miles on one of these bike in 5hours 19mins (minimum level 15). I have also cycled 10miles on one of them minimum level 15, in 20mins 20sec. What times would I be able to expect if I started cycling on the road?

I am thinking about tri, but bikes are so expensive, I just am unsure, could I please have some feedback on the transference potential of these times from the gym to the road.


thank you


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Not possible to correlate exercise & road bike times & speeds. If you're only 'thinking about' tri then stick to the exercise bike until you are ready to commit.

    You the athlete are more important than your kit so borrow a bike or get a second hand one and give it a go. As long as it's road worthy any clunker will get you round your first tri then you can see whether you wish to continue. From the numbers above you'll be fine and you'll be hooked.
  • The problem with my training is that I spend like 12hours a day indoors in an establishment, so I do a lot of my training with indoors. I have a similar question on treadmill times. As part of a charity event at my work I ran a half marathon and did the time in 1hour 12mins. the world record is like 1.07, so I started getting thoughts of greatness but the road record is like, 58mins. So what is going on here???

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    I see what problems you face.

    First Treadmill. The speed displayed should be an accurate measurement of how fast the belt is moving and therefore how fast you are going. However, to make it more 'outdoor' like you need to have a 2% gradient to compensate for the fact you are not pushing through the air. Gym instructors usually give a lower figure but the 2% number comes from respected run coaches who have researched the matter properly. Your time in any case is pretty good so no worries there. Too many factors to make accurate comparisons between indoor & outdoor running & racing but they are roughly comparable

    The bike. The errors within the design of an exercise bike make comparisons difficult. Especially as they are designed to burn calories rather than provide a competitive cycling training benefit. But keep going indoors and when you can get out on the road (preferably flattish to start) and give it a go. Someone will have a bike they will lend you. I feel you will be surprised how well you do.
  • thank you for comments HarryD.

    The thing is the other day I done a 5k row and then a 50mile indoor bike ride, I got off and within a couple of minutes I started a 10k run outside, this went well, I finished in 36.30. however if I had done the run indoors I would have had to run at about 10 - 10.4mph to get the same time, but from experience this would have been evil on so many levels, physically, mentally etc.


  • What do you think of the wattbike?

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    36:30 is impressive for a 10km run under an circumstances so looks like you are sorted for the run element

    Haven't used a Wattbike but know some who do and have made improvements with well planned training. As it was designed with British Cycling's input I would expect it to be accurate as far as speed, power and other outputs go. Still no headwind, corners, potholes or imperceptible gradient changes that real world roads have.

    Hopefully others can comment their own experience
  • Thank you.

    I am now looking at a bike, I have starting looking for tips on the internet for what bike I should be getting. (any ideas) because their are hundreds, do I choose on brand, longevity, or just buy the first one and get the feel of a basic bike first?

     I am going to start cycling to work and back and try and learn how to navigate the roads. I must admit what does slightly bother me is the horror stories of people getting knocked over. so I am scared, but I am willing to confront it.

    I am running a half in July, but certainly hope to run a tri back end of this year. I love the idea of the 70.3 distance.

    how long have you been training, competing, etc?

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Cycling Plus magazine has just done it's bike (various price bands) of the year awards. Results have been on the BikeRadar website (may take some searching)

    Maybe looking for a road racing bike to start with and get clip on tri bars later. Go for the best you can reasonably afford so you can enjoy being on it

    Horror stories make headlines. Used to cycle to work in London (10 miles each way) & found it safe. Be aware & assertive, give way with good grace, stick to the highway code, be considerate to others, smile and enjoy

    Triathlon 11 years. Running & orienteering 39 years. Riding bikes 53 years
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