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Slowing down? (On purpose.)

For some reason I have a lot of trouble going easy, even when I think I am going easy my HR is up between zone 3 and 4, especially when running and swimming (Pool is worse than OW.)
Any tips on slowing down as it's just something I can't seem to do.
(Not that I'm fast when I am at threashold.)

Been cycling for a number of years, done my 1st sprint last September and have a few planned for this year, winter training was practically none existent with a new baby arriving and was mostly cycling or a quick half hour on the treadmill when I did get the time.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Running: Keep same cadence but take shorter steps either lift feet less or keep upright/less forward lean

    Bike: Again keep same cadence but apply less weight through pedals in a lower gear

    Swim: Keep stroke rate but don't press on the water so hard

    If you cant develop two or more training intensities you will find it very difficult to realise your maximum potential. This is not easy skill to learn so expect it to take take time. See the article on this site from Joe Beer (8 triathlon myths busted) - sums it up rather well
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