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Best clincher tyres

I'm looking to upgrade my tyres on my tt bike and were told that continental are the best.Has any one any advice on the best tyres to get to improve my bike split.



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Continental GP4000 SII for me
  • Michelin competition 

  • tri petetri pete Posts: 3

    Continental GP4000SII for Me


  • Depends if you want race only tyres or not

    I would use Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ & Latex inner tubes for races. But them i am only doing 10 - 25 mile TTs and Sprint triathlons

    I have my fastest time on Cont TT clinchers + latex tubes, again a race only tyre

  • ct7ct7 Posts: 2
    Specialized S Works Turbo are also a Very good choice, comes in 24mm and 26mm. I think There are a little faster than Conti GP4000 II but less puncture resitant.
  • Jay  SkiJay Ski Posts: 15

    GP4000sII for me, a great tyre and fine for all year riding

  • GP4000ii is a great tyre, I switch between them and the Schwalbe One. Now using the Tubeless version of the latter.

    You won't go wrong with either.

  • Continental GP4000 SII

    German engineering where you need it most

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