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Quintana Roo Superfull - Mens Medium

Hey all,

My Quintana Roo Superfull is up for sale - it's a Mens Medium so suits 5'10"-6'3" and 74-80kg - but bear in mind that most buyers and users of QR suits tend to buy a size down from the official sizing charts (I'm 6'2" and 86kg).

The suit has had 2 seasons of use, typically being 1-2 sessions per week between May and Oct.

Condition is generally good with no major tears or splits. It does however have small cracks as you'd expect for the age, but these have always been repaired using wetsuit specific rubber repair glue. The thinnest 1mm panels around the shoulders/neck show some wear too - surface abrasion that's taken off the smooth coated finish, but the suit should still offer years of use.

It's a quick suit and gave me race wins and consistent sub-20 minute 1500m results. It's also really comfy on longer swims of 10km+, so I hope someone else can get the benefit now I've bought a replacement that matches my recent weight loss.

It's no longer offered through Wiggle, but Quintana Roo invented the modern triathlon wetsuit and the Superfull is their top of the range model and retails for $550 new!

Looking for £100 to reflect the age and wear and for a quick sale.

Thanks for your interest,

Matt Baker
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