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What Race Next? So you have done your Ironman, you have done your Sprints, what is the next challenge. Sunday September 4th at St Annes will be the first Triathlon Team Time Trial, a unique and new type of race.   Come and have a go, it will be fast, fun and new. Everyone has to enter in teams of three, it is a sprint distance with a pool swim. You swim as your team, then bike with drafting in your team and then finish the run within 5 seconds of each other. So you have a chance to race with friends and work with them to go faster.  The course is completely flat with very long straight runs so ideal for drafting, this is a DRAFT LEGAL event within your teams and this is something most of us don't get to race.   So this is perfect for clubs or friends, for those wanting to try something new, or go fast, to learn to draft in a race for the first time like the Pro's do.   As this is new it is limited to just 100 teams this year. It will start at 0800hrs, closed roads, chip timed, medals, t-shirts, trophies, enter at BookitZone.net come and have a go.
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