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Blueseventy Helix wetsuit men's medium

For sale for ??299. Photos available upon request. I bought this suit new in 2015 and have used it far too little since - one sprint triathlon and a couple of open water sessions. RRP c.??400. No defects and always washed with clean water after use. Comes with drawstring bag. Pick up from Bucks or can post for ??10. Full details of product specifics below. Blue Seventy's Helix Wetsuit is the pinnacle of wetsuit technology. Favoured by Olympic, Ironman and amateur athletes alike, the Helix offers best-in-class tech across the board coupled with a supreme fit and unparalleled degree of comfort. The Torsional Stretch technology panels on the shoulders are a distinctive feature of the suit. Made from premium Yamamoto 40 cell 1.5mm neoprene, these panels eliminate seam lines whilst also freeing up the deltoid muscle to provide a revolutionary amount of arm and shoulder mobility. Ultrathin Arms provide a unique 1mm premium Yamamoto 40 cell shell for your arms giving you the flexibility and comfort of a second skin. Aquaseal four-way stretch fabric in 40 cell 1mm silicone cuffs seal the wrists from unwanted water entry while at the same time still proving easy to get off during T1. Honeycomb Aqua Feel panels on the forearms utilise an ultralight hydrophobic catch panel to increase your awareness of arm position while also encouraging better technique, thus reducing the risk of injury and increasing power output in the water. The Helix features body mapped 3mm Body Fit Panels which improve torso and back leg buoyancy in order to boost body rotation and an ease of fit. The Helix's split chest construction anatomically accentuates the lungs producing the optimal amount of buoyancy while also maximising stretch during respiration. Extended to the neck line, the thin centre panel improves fit and comfort. The suit's 5-5-4 pattern centralises core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body, optimising the leg power angle. 5mm super buoyant Yamamoto Aerodrome neoprene panels on the chest and torso promote and efficient downhill swimming position. Quick Exit flared 2mm thin panels extend from the knee down to the ankle allowing the suit to be put on faster but more importantly taken off quicker, saving you those precious seconds in T1. http://www.blueseventy.co.uk/products/2016-helix-mens-full-suit


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