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Need advice first time tri in 4 weeks!

Hi, so I've signed up to do my first sprint triathlon (700m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) and I've not done one before! Bit of background I would cycle probably every other day between 5-10km easily, and can do 5km quite comfortably I did one in February with very little training in 27mins. No training pretty much. I did the marathon in 2015 also which I trained for 10 weeks and managed. So my fitness levels are generally pretty good I would do exercise at least 5 times a week. The only bit I'm a bit dubious of is the swim. It's 750m in the river which is a bit gross but no strong current or anything. I went for a swim last week and managed 400m easy enough. I'm following a 4 week plan basically involving 2 X swim sessions a week, gradually becoming longer up to 800m, bike 3 sessions and 2 run sessions. All will gradually become more. I really want to do this and I'm excited I think I'll be okay based on all the above but if anyone can give any tips or insight as a first time newbie to the triathlon world, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, L


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Keep doing what you are doing & you'll be fine.

    Practice transitions (kit layout, number belt under wetsuit etc), equipment choice (no socks etc) and do at least 3 bike to run transitions in training - run only has to be 5min
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    It sounds like you have a practical approach...

    If not already on your list, pencil in some open water and wetsuit swimming time as much before the event as you can... if you find out the week before you have a problem there you won't have time to adjust so sooner the better.

    Enjoy it, get used to your race kit and ditto on the bike-run sessions, especially as a newbie these will help you acclimatise to what is not necessarily the most comfortable feeling of running hard off a bike.

  • Make sure your wetsuit fits, try it in open water, BUT warm up first - dont panic in the water.

    Practice your transition changes as much as you can.

    Make sure you have plenty time to set up on race day and dont freak out at all the impressive expensive bikes in transition - we're all nervous.

    Talc, towel, wetsuit lube, race belt, elastic laces - all useful!




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