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can anybody give some advice to a newcomer to triathlon! I Ave been involved in fitness for about 25 years but have recently developed an interest in triathlons. I live in Manchester and would like to compete in a  novice event. Can anybody tell me of up and coming events and training tips!


  • Lisa GLisa G Posts: 29

    Depending how far you want to travel and how much you want to pay on your first event, there is this one coming up in clumber park.


    Its a sprint distance with the option of doing a shorter swim if your unsure of open water swimming.

    Triathlons should come with a warning though.... once you have done one, you will be booking in another, and another.....

    Good luck.

  • Mike7Mike7 Posts: 3

    Thanks for reply. Will have a look at that one and hopefully give it a go. Any advice on equipment! can you use of a bike but wetsuit may be of a problem as I don't want to buy one just yet! Thanks.

  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    hi mike7.

    As Lisa G said triathlons can be seriously addictive - i do no. 6 of this year on Bank Holiday weekend.

    You can use any bike, but a road bike will be best fora road race and a mountain bike best for an off road event. My advice would be pick a sprint or supersprint with a pool swim for your first event unless you regularly swim in open water - that way you wont need a wetsuit.  If you do choose an open water tri, you can hire wetsuits for an event or a season (google wetsuit hire). As for other equipment you don't really need anything else but a trisuit would be beneficial. You can swim in trunks and put on cycling shorts after the swim but a trisuit or trishorts will be easier.

    Which ever event you choose, just go and enjoy it.  GO with the challenge of finishing your first event, snd build from there.

    Good luck.


  • Mike7Mike7 Posts: 3

    Thanks for your advice. Hopefully get number 1 under my belt sooner rather than later. Any more advice and tips would be appreciated.

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