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Leeds ITU race

I to did the Leeds triathlon. I to froze and had to buy a jacket to keep warm while waiting over five hours to get my bag back. Spent most of Saturday setting up the transitions, driving to and from Roundhay Park. Transition 2 was probably the most dangerous transition I have ever been to. Broken glass bits of metal and debris all around. How this passed any health and safety inspections I don't know. Spectators unable to see the swim and get back in time to the city for the run and the organisers unable to turn on the screens in the city to show the swim. It was  recognised that mistakes were made and offered a pathetic discount for next years entry. Will I be doing it again. What with hotel costs travel entrance fee new jacket, a cost of over £500 for the weekend I don't think so.


  • gb901gb901 Posts: 148

    I got one won't be back, and I suspect others share the same view?

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