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Hi guys,

I am new to tri and need to invest in a wetsuit.  After a bit of research I am opting for Orca but not sure which one would suit me best: Sonar or 3.8?  Of the 3 disciplines, swimming is my weakest.  I feel my technique is fine but still struggling to keep my legs afloat.  I need to kick quite a bit to keep them up which tires me quickly.  I am therefore looking for max buoyancy, which the 3.8 offers.  Orca's site also describes the 3.8 category best according to my swim ability.  It therefore seems that the 3.8 is the one, but how much comfort and movability do you lose compared to the Sonar?  And is the 3.8 really that much more buoyant than the Sonar?  And is the 3.8 a noob suit?   I believe I will progress quickly.  I have never worn a wetsuit.  Pleased to hear, thanks.


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