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Help need glasses

Hi all can anyone give me any ideas I'm doing my frist tri event in 5 weeks. I wear glasses all the time plitty blind without them. ill be ok when in the pool swimming but need them befor and and after don't want to leave them in the transition area As ill need them to get there anyone got any ideas


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    It would be worth contacting the race organiser to explain your situation. They are normally very helpful solving situations like yours.

    If there are lane counters pool side counting your lengths it should be possible to leave your glasses with your lane counter.

    Not all pool events have lane counters, so if none at your event you should still be allowed to leave your glasses somewhere safe pool side.

    Good Luck with your first tri.

  • SteSte Posts: 3

    I've given my glasses to whoever was marshalling my swim lane before to look after no problems. But now I use prescription swim goggles and leave my glasses in transition and change them in T1 and that's worked great for sprints and 70.3 especially when although they are meant to, many events don't provide a specific table to put your specs on, even ironman!

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