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Post Ironman Blues


Just looking for any advice for dealing with post race blues.

I had a bad day at the office doing the Outlaw Ironman in July, I knew I would struggle as missed I 6 weeks training due to illness in May but I completed the bike and was well into the run, feeling great and sooooo happy, I knew I could finish but unfortunately it all went down hill from 10 miles into the run, I ended up withdrawing at the 13 mile mark and ended up in the medical tent. It took me a few days to get my head together to realise its only a race, I'm still healthy and get it all into perspective.

However since then, 5 weeks now, I have no motivation, nothing at all, I have sat and eaten and drank and just can not force myself to exercise in any way. I did complete the ironman in 2015 had a month off but was itching to train after a couple of weeks, this year zero!!

Just seeing if any one has experience getting through this, don't want to say depression  but I certainly feel blue, it hurt to not finish, and pulling out was a lot harder than carrying on but I knew I was in a bad way so why can't I move on from it?




  • coddy89coddy89 Posts: 5

    have you tried to book anything in for the future jason?

    I can find it really hard to get out there at times but even if i have a sportive booked up i find it much easier to get on with it.

    hold in there chap we all have highs and lows a dnf is inevitable at some point  

  • redjaceredjace Posts: 3

    I have my hands tied a little with booking anything for next year, have my second child due in a few weeks, and as understanding as the missus is it would be very unfair of me to expect her to look after a new born while I swan off training for an ironman.

    Maybe that's part of the issue, thinking I can't do anything major next year so why bother training now.


  • Don't think about training for anything big.  Why not take yourself for a steady run round the block (5km or something).  Don't bother with times/pace and all that.  Just getting out again might blow the cobwebs away and make you feel a bit better...... like eating chocolate   They say that exercise is the best thing for the blues.

    Good luck with everything.

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