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Which European Mdot Ironman?

triadtriad Posts: 62

Hi All,

Poor amateur with 10 years tri under my belt including two half ironman races. Looking to travel to do my first full ironman in 2017. Looking for cool course and satisfy family needs like sunshine and space to hang out on the day with my young sons being looked after by my wife. 

Any suggestions most welcome and thank you.



  • I think that I will enter Barcelona next year for my first IM. Sounds like it would suit you too, fast flat course, next to the sea so ideal location for your wife and kids to hang out

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Why an M-Dot?

    Apparently the Nice run cause is ideal for spectators as it goes through town past the restaurants etc so your family can chill there and oversee your suffering... I mean experience!

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