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Middle distance tri

hi, I live in Surrey and next year want to do a middle distance tri, but which one? I've heard good things about the new forest tri. Has anyone done this? 

Im looking for a good course which is not ultra hilly and ideally in the south but not essential.

if anyone can recommend a race be grateful to hear.



  • I did the Vitruvian as my first and it was brill. In the midlands but I enjoy staying in a hotel the night before a race as it means I have to pack in advance so get a 2nd chance to spot anything I've forgotten before race morning It's a fast bike course with 3 main hills and a flattish run. Fills up quickly though!

  • Thanks for your response, sounds good.  I've got some friends racing there at the weekend and it seems very popular.

  • Not the Rubicon! Don't enter the Rubicon!

  • I was going to look at that but couldn't get onto the web site the other evening.  Its not good then?!!

  • I will be doing the New Forest Middle Distance on 25 September this year - it is very local for me.

    Ellingham lake is pretty nice to swim in

    The cycle through the new forest is not too hilly, but it can be windy as it is very exposed

    The run scares me, it is a little up and down - however, the scenery is lovely.

    I really enjoy doing Triathlons in the New Forest (I did 2 this year)

    If you are worried about the run, the Heart Breaker Half Marathon is on the same run course and takes place in February 2017

    I will let you know at the end of September how my first Middle Distance in the New Forest went.

  • Hi Matthew, that's really helpful and someone else has also recommended this tri to me.  Good luck and i'd be really interested to know how it goes.

  • I'd also recommend the Race New Forest events. You can also check (most of) the run course at the tailwind 10 in December.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Grafman - its early on in the year but its a pretty flat and fast bike, run has a couple of hollows and the swim is quick... all round a great race.

  • Jamesly, as promised here is my review of New Forest Middle Distance as a first half ironman triathlon: My personal experience is a 100% positive endorsement of this event as your first Middle Distance

    On 25th September (yesterday) I completed my first Middle Distance Triathlon. The New Forest event is one of the last in the season - I wanted a full season of training before embarking on this challenge.

    The Swim in Elllingham lake was fantastic - water was clear, clean and warm (in England honestly). One of the most enjoyable swims I have had - I didn't go out too hard, and probably could have gone 4 minutes quicker, but wanted to be conservative at the start. (39mins, 2050m - according to Garmin)

    The ride started in gentle drizzle and light winds. I have not taken my TT bike out in the wet before and I was concerned about handling and punctures. The ride was 2.75 laps of the new Forest, it was hillier than I remembered, with a total climb of 690m, however, hills are gentle slopes, I only used the big ring for the first lap, but shifted to smaller ring on the hills on the next 2 laps in order to save my legs. As the rain went and sun came out, the wind picked up a lot, 5 miles with a tail wind was great, 5 miles with a headwind was less fun. Roads were largely very smooth, and scenery was stunning. Overall the ride was highly enjoyable. I did not suffer any punctures, but I saw a few people with flats - I managed a 20.3mph average speed (2h46m) which was slightly faster than my plan and about 10% slower than I would do on an Olympic

    Next the run - the run is actually 22km (13.8 miles) so a tiny bit long. 11.5 miles of the run are off road, mainly on firm ground, however, the hills (up and down) are sandy, gravelly and rocky, whilst on the subject of hills, there are a total of 8 steep climbs, in total 320m climbing. Through total determination, I didn't walk any of the climbs. There are 7 aid stations with energy drinks and water, this was judged really well. If you pause to look around, the scenery is spectacular and the air really clean. My run was exactly 2h, which was my 2nd fastest half marathon distance, I ran with a guy called Tim who I met on the run, as a result I think I was at least 10 minutes faster than I would have done without the company.

    At the outset, my plan was to do sub 6 hours, I had a stretch goal of 5h 30m, but really didn't think I would get close. My actual time was 5h 31m 28s, 50th place overall and 8th in my age group 40-44. To say that I am pleased is a bit of an understatement

    There is one big downside to the event - it is across 2 locations, the bikes are racked at Ellingham, where the swim takes place and the ride starts. The ride ends, and the run takes place from Sandy Balls holiday park (about 10 miles from the lake). As a result you have to register and rack up on Saturday prior to the event on Sunday - this is not a problem for me as I live 15 miles away, but more logistically challenging if you live further away

    Would I recommend this as a first Middle Distance race - absolutely yes as long as the logistics are not too big a challenge

  • Hi, have you considered the 113 events in the Cotswolds. I've raced several times - great flat course, lots of spectators and marshals and police support on the roads. It has to be one of the fastest middle distance races in the country. Graeme runs the events twice per year. Check it out!

  • Thank you for sharing this with us

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