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Blueseventy Helix vs Huub Aegis II: Advice

Having just finished my second season of Tri,  in which I've completed eleven events (a mixture of sprint and standard distance) in a Wiggle own brand dhb wetsuit I'm looking to upgrade and want some sage advice, please. 

The dhb suit served me well, and was a relatively inexpensive purchase which I would recommend to anyone getting into the sport for the first time for avoiding investing the earth before working out if the sport is for you. 


Now though,  I need something that's going to help me swim better. I'm a middle of the pack swimmer with slightly sinky legs. 


What are people's opinions of these two suits, both of which have been well represented in the tris I've done and in training sessions and seem to get good reviews. 


Any advice gratefully received. 



  • both are good. choose one that you can put on and off with greater ease and you feel most comfortable in

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