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Talkback: TUEs and their use in sport

How can you realistically and logically argue that they are not performance enhancing when the it is plainly being argued that without that drug being prescribed they would not be able to compete - it follows that the drug MUST have performance enhancing qualities!

I have serious and grave concerns about TUEs and the argument that they simply 'level the playing field' - sorry, but that doesn't wash with me. If that is the case, then why shouldn't the women running against Caster Semanya permitted to supplement with testosterone, for example?


  • Tricky this one.

    I've struggled over the last 2 years to complete the couch to 5K program. Each summer as the pollen levels rose, my hayfever kicked in and I was unable to complete 10minutes of running without gasping for breathe. Following a diagnosis of allergy induced asthma I have an an inhaler and it allows me to actually run in the same way as I can in the winter when there is no pollen. Is this levelling the playing field or, because it allows me to train in the summer, is it performance enhancing?

    Now, I'm a completer not a competer so it doesn't make a lot of difference to the authorities, but to me it makes a huge difference. I'd like to understand more about the timings and frequency of some of these TUEs. One off's are not likely to make much of a difference, but regular injections of steroids might.

    Having said that - I'm not giving up my inhaler for anyone, until I can cope without it.

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