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I'm a childhood leisure pedaller, became more of a runner over the past 12 years (definitely my best leg) and then started swimming about 5 years ago.  Last year my 10k pace was down to 45:18, without a huge amount of effort.   I did do the London Marathon last year (April) and so ran 2-3 hours every weekend slows for about 9 weeks before that, alone with an hour's interval training and then a steadier midweek tempo run.  This year, having for the first time trained on my bike over the winter and having consistently run most weekends for 1:20 to 1:45, my 10k time has just fallen apart.  I really struggle to manage 50 minutes now and my glutes feel heavy and i lack bounce/momentum from the off.  Any suggestions as to what I could do here? My run has gone from best to easily my worst discipline, as also shown in all of my race results this season.  Thanks, Tricia


  • is your heartrate in rest still as it used to be? and how about when you run slow? and when you run fast?

    Could be overtraining.

    In that case, take a break.


    When i trained for my ironman, i probably ran less than you . 
    when you are training for a 10K course, why not insert more trainings like 8 - 10k, with interval? interval is getting your pace better...

    before i started training much on interval, i ran my 10k somewhere around 40min ... no much improvement booked no matter howmuch i ran. 
    After 2 years with a lot of interval, i now finish in just above 34min...
    i run 30-40km per week max.

  • I think it was Seb Coe who said 'long slow distance produces long slow runners' and he was probably just misquoting loads of folks who went before.

    I'd say your specific Marathon training has given you a great base but you now need to work on changing gear.  adding some interval sessions (ease into it of course) should see you flying by spring.

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